Eric Peters

Company: Erg Cycling

Position: Owner, Fitter

Expert Overview

Erg Cycling provides bike-fitting services within Paradise Garage in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Eric, owner and fitter for Erg, draws from his work history in bike shops and Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy, multidisciplinary racing history in road, cyclocross, and mountain as well as his educational history in Exercise Science and Physical Therapy to provide fit and analysis. Erg utilizes high-quality objectivity in Motion Metriq 4-sided motion capture, gebioMized saddle and foot pressure mapping and Leomo accelerometers which are specific to bike fit. Erg keeps a wide variety of product on hand to accomplish rider objectives and regularly collaborates with a wide variety of shops and manufacturers. 


AAS Exercise Science (2008)

AAS Physical Therapy (2010)

BS Healthcare Management (2014)

Harvard HBX Core (2020)

SICI (2016)

Cyclologic L1-3 (2018-2020)


Work history in various bikes shops 2000-2008.

Active road, criterium, mountain bike, cyclocross 2000-present

Founded Erg Cycling 2015 which has grown to 300+ riders per year as a full-time analyst. Erg regularly collaborates with a variety of shops in the Ohio area for product intervention. Erg also regularly collaborates with a variety of medical professionals in the Ohio area for med intervention regarding bike fit.


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