Paradise Garage/ Erg Cycling - Eric Peters


Erg Cycling provides bike-fitting services to Paradise Garage in downtown Columbus, Ohio as an independent contractor. Erg has a dedicated fit space separate from retail area. Erg uses orthotics by Superfeet, wedges and shims as appropriate. A custom built fitting platform that levels and rotates is used in order to take into account three planes of motion. Erg uses an Elite Drivo II or Computrainer mounted to the fitting platform to assess pedaling dynamics and power; Computrainer used with Purely Custom Size Cycle. A Retul height adjustable front wheel mount is used to ensure the bike is level. A Salsa Fit Stem is used to assess stem length. All joint measurements are taken from a motion capture app on an iPad using 720fps mounted to fixed tripod; does not move to improve accuracy and repeatability. Leica laser monitors bike level, also aligned with BB and monitoring inferior aspect of scapula for weight distribution. Accuracy of joint measurement is made more accurate by using reflective joint markers, enhanced lighting, and standardized distance to the rider. Erg also uses gebioMized saddle pressure mapping for positional adjustment and saddle selection. A full range of saddles from Specialized, ISM, Cobb, and Fizik are available. Full run of Specialized stems and bars are available for fitting purposes. Profile Design and Zipp Aero TT/Tri bars are also available for fitting purposes. All after-market equipment selection is provided bias-free (Erg does not receive monetary reimbursement for product sales). Follow up sessions are included in the price of the session. Follow up can include fitter riding outdoors with client. Planning in place for upgrading camera, motion capture software, and aero testing.

921 N. High St.
United States


IBFI Certification