Parvilla Custom Sport Performance - Stu Waring

Company: Parvilla Cycles

Position: Owner/Master Fitter

Expert Overview

Stu is a highly experienced bike fitter with a wealth of professional knowledge and expertise and the Parvilla Custom Sports Performance experience is one of the most thorough available. He fuses technology with experience to ensure as close to perfect a fit as possible and takes a cyclist-centred approach. Bike enthusiasts of all levels receive the professional treatment at Parvilla.

Stu offers a Standard Fit, Premium Fit and a Medical Fit with a Chiro/Physical Therapist. There is also a Review Fit service available, which can be purchased between 90 days and two years after a previous Premium fit in order to ‘tune up’ and keep things up to date. Stu also offers a Transfer Fit to a second bike or a Second Bike Fit if you would like two consecutive fittings on the same day. You can also add a custom Retul footbed fittings to any of the offered fit services.

The Parvilla Custom fit system is technology-led, and Stu makes use of a wide range of cutting-edge equipment in his studio including Retul’s 3D Premium Motion Capture Technology, a Guru Fit machine and Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping technology.


Stu’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Bike Fit (Paul Swift) course

Cyclologic (Paraic) course

FIST (Dan Empfield) course

Retul training (with Todd Carver)

5 day Level Retul 1/TT course

5 day Level 2 Retul course

3 day Master Retul course

2 day Instructor Retul course

2 day Symposium

SBCU (with Andy Pruitt)

3 day SBCU Level 1 course

3 day SBCU Level 2 course

3 day SBCU Level 3 course

2 day 2016 MCC conference

Retul Premium Motion Capture

Retul Vantage Motion Capture

Gebiomized Saddle Mapping

2nd Gen Guru DFU

1st Gen Retul Muve

Latest Gen Peloton

Retul Custom Insoles (stock and custom)

Digital Foot Scanner

Digital Saddle Scanner

Wahoo Power Kicker and Roller

Laser Levels


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