Parvilla Custom Fit - Stewart Waring


Stu is a highly experienced bike fitter with a wealth of professional knowledge and expertise and the Parvilla Custom Fit experience is one of the most thorough available. He fuses technology with experience to ensure as close to perfect a fit as possible and takes a cyclist-centred approach. Bike enthusiasts of all levels receive the professional treatment at Parvilla.

Stu offers a Quick Fit, Standard Fit (you can add Lomo Type-R or GebioMized Saddle mapping to this as extras) and a Medical Fit with a Physical Therapist. There is also a Review Fit service available, which can be purchased between 90 days and a year after a previous Parvilla bike fit in order to ‘tune up’ and keep things up to date. Stu also offers a Transfer Fit to a second bike or a Second Bike Fit if you would like two consecutive fittings on the same day. You can also add a custom footbed fitting (Retul) or GebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping to any other fit.

The Parvilla fit system is technology-led, and Stu makes use of a wide range of cutting-edge equipment in his studio including Retul’s 3D Motion Capture Technology, the Guru Fit experience and saddle pressure mapping technology.


Stu’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Bike Fit (Paul Swift) course

Cyclologic (Paraic) course

FIST (Dan Empfield) course

Retul training (with Todd Carver)

5 day Level Retul 1/TT course

5 day Level 2 Retul course

3 day Master Retul course

2 day Instructor Retul course

2 day Symposium

SBCU (with Andy Pruitt)

3 day Level 1 course

3 day Level 2 course

3 day Level 3 course

2 day 2016 MCC conference

Retul Vantage Motion Capture

Gebiomized Saddle Mapping

2nd Gen Guru DFU

Insoles (stock and custom)

Foot Scanner

Test Saddles

Power trainer

Laser Levels

IBFI Certification