Daniel Aliperti

Company: Pedal Power Brasil

Position: Senior Fitter

Expert Overview

Our 2 studios are around 18m2 (eighteen square meters) and have the complete RETUL Vantage V7 equipment for performing accurate kinematic evaluations on both sides of the cyclist. We also add the gebioMized pressure mapping for the saddle/pelvis interaction assessment. I am passionate about biomechanics and the sports done on bicycles. I believe that my 30+ years experience as a rider in different disciplines – XC MTB, Trail MTB, Road, Gravel and Urban cycling are helpful to understand what the clients needs are. We use the RETUL MUVE SL adjustable bike for sizing when there are doubts about frame size and for bike fits without the client’s bike. But we always prefer to perform the adjustments on the customers bike since it is the most accurate way of making sure all is in place accordingly. Since we are a Specialized Owned Retail Store we carry their full array of footbeds, including custom molded, shims (stackers, external and internal wedges) and saddles to make sure we can support the clients with quality resources when there is a need for a component change or additional support to the client’s anatomy in order to improve the rider/bike interface. And being a fully stocked retailer also helps on providing replacement bar, stem, grips, bar tape, seat post, pedals, cleats and shoes when a replacement is mandatory for a correct bike setup. We also have a full service repair shop for bikes that require post fit service (complex TT bikes, Full Suspension or HT that need shock service).We offer a 90 day Fit warranty with a free return session if a second look and additional adjustments are needed to make sure the fit is right. In the end, our mission is to make sure people leave the Fit session with a bike that reflects their body and needs for either a good experience while riding or maximum performance while racing.


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