BodfyandBikeWorks- Scott Cornish

Company: Body and Bike Works

Position: Owner


Scott is a Qualified Physiotherapist with experience of over 1200 fits

He does his fits based on anatomy and function and personalises each one to the clients range of motion. He gets cyclists engaged in physical exercise intervention/change of posture where there is pain/injury or for comfort/performance enhancement before or alongside alterations at the foot level to address presenting issues.

Scott uses multitude of different systems in his fits such as

Cycle Ops
Ergon; Saddles, insoles, and grips
Luck Custom cycling shoes
whatsapp +44 (0) 7960 17 24 62

local +33 (0)754 15 66 86



BSc Physiotherapy


12 years as a physiotherapist and bike fitter. Strength and conditioning coach, injury rehab, biomechanical assessments, shoe fitting

Practice what I preach, racing multi day and bikepacking events. Regular S&C

Expert product knowledge

Fitter for Selwyn Bicycles


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