Physiosports Brighton - Paul Visentini


Paul has a Masters degree in Physiotherapy and is currently studying a part-time PhD. His extesnive tendon research has been published in several scientific journals. Paul also does Bike Fit Brighton

He has attended numerous bike fit courses and conferences, and has travelled the world educating bike fitters on cycling overuse injuries.

Cycling Injuries and Biomechanics Course 2004 1 day - Trish Wisbey-Roth FACP
Specialist Sports Physiotherapist,
Bike Set-Up course - 1/2 day - part of L3 Sports Physiotherapy Course
Presenter - Science Of Cycling, Injury Prevention : Physiobikefit & Cycling Injuries Course 1-2 days - 2013-2016 Melb, Sydney, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Varese, Holland, France (x12)
Presenter - Cycling Science Conference, Slovenia 2016
+61 3 95969110

IBFI Certification