Pro Bike FC - Nick Clark


Based in Virginia, USA, Nick is a Retul certified bike fitter with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. During his fits he uses a range of bike fit technology including a 3D motion capture system.

Nick works out of the Pro Bike FC store: a one stop shop for all things cycling. The store offers a wide range of bikes catering to all tastes (road, gravel, mountain, time trial) as well as accessories, clothing, components and nutritional products. In addition, bike servicing, cycling coaching, fitness training and bootcamps are available, with cycling classes and general health and wellbeing-oriented sessions running regularly.

Nick is also a cycling coach and runs the coaching program at Pro Bike FC. As a former UCI pro-cyclist and a Level 2 USAC and Training Peaks coach, he offers a number of different coaching options for those cyclists looking to achieve their cycling goals.

The vision for bike fit at Pro Bike FC is to help prevent cyclist injury and improve performance. Nick caters to all levels, from regular cycling competitors and professionals to recreational and weekend cyclists. The technology available in the studio means that Nick can track movement in real time with an extremely high level of accuracy. No more guesswork or overcompensating - after a professional fit at Pro BIke FC, you can be confident that your bike will fit your properly.

Nick offers 6 different levels of fit, starting with the Ride Right basic fit at the lower end of the price scale and moving up through the cyclo-cross fit, mountain fit, road bike fit to the TT and triathlon bike fit at the upper.


Nick’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Degree in Sport and Exercise Science

Retul certified

3D motion capture system

Works with cyclists of all ages and abilities

6 different levels of bike fit

Range of services and products available in store and online - bikes, accessories, clothing, bike servicing, coaching services, fitness classes etc.

IBFI Certification