Noa Deutsch

Company: Performance Training


Noa is a bike fitter and endurance coach, based in Vancouver, BC. She has worked with numerous elite and pro athletes including Olympians in Triathlon and Road, as well as several long course triathlon pros. She founded Performance Training in 2006 and has performed thousands of successful bike fits since.

Noa holds a degree in sport coaching and science degree from Canterbury University, NZ, where she wrote an honors thesis on how adapting the effective seat tube angle on a bike affects physiological data, including Vo2max, lactate and power output. Her personal and professional interests in nutrition led to her studying for a post-grad diploma in sport-related nutrition, and she offers nutritional coaching as an option to her clients.

A keen and very active cyclist herself, Noa loves working with committed, motivated individuals to improve their mindset and performance. She has built up a network of relevant collaborators (PTs, physicians, bike mechanics etc) to ensure that she is well-placed to help her clients achieve their goals and she also has plans to offer further courses and workshops.

Noa also leads regular gravel rides and women only rides in Vancouver and has several initiatives to empower more women to take control of their cycling experience.


Equipment and services include:

  • Retul 3D motion capture
  • Gebiomized saddle and foot pressure mapping
  • Shimano dynamic fit bike
  • Leomo sensors
  • Dartfish 2D video capture
  • Coaching and consulting services available


  • Bachelor of Sport Coaching and Science
  • IOC Postgraduate diploma in sports nutrition
  • Various sport science conferences (annually since 2008)
  • NCCP triathlon competition certified
  • ISAK level I – International Society of the Advancement of Kinanthropometry
  • International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) - Level 3 certified
  • International School of Cycling Optimization (ISCO) certified - Level 1 + level 2
  • Retul training directly with the founders + annual fit review yearly


  • Bike fitting since 2006, working with Olympians, national champions, professional athletes and athletes of all ability levels, including beginners and recreational cyclists
  • Thousands of bike fits performed (an average of 600+ per year)
  • Experience fitting road, triathlon (short & long course), TT, gravel, cyclocross, MTB, track and even tandem bikes!
  • 25+ years coaching experience in various endurance sports, working with kids, juniors and age group levels coaching triathlon, cycling (fondo, crit/road racing) and all running events. Experience with all ability levels and ages!


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