Revolutions in Fitness - Curtis Cramblett

Company: Revolutions in Fitness

Position: Owner / CEO

Expert Overview

Based in San Jose, California, Curtis is a qualified Physical Therapist with over 15 years experience as well as a Certified Functional Manual Therapist. A keen cyclist himself, his passion for professional bike fitting stems in part from his fairly extensive personal history of cycling-related injury. With his bike fit service, he seeks to ensure a comfortable, powerful ride for riders of all abilities, and a significant percentage of his work is with elite and professional athletes.

Curtis is committed to his own ongoing education and professional enrichment opportunities. He has served as a Physical Therapist and official bike fitter to a number of elite cyclists and professional teams, as well as been PT to various golfers, skaters and other elites. As a PT, coach and a cyclist himself, he feels he brings a unique, multi-faceted perspective to his bike fit work.

Curtis is also passionate about teaching physical therapy and cycling analysis/bike fitting. He teaches in the US and internationally.

Revolutions in Fitness offers a tiered bike fit service with three levels of offering. The options begin at a 1 hour quick fit, moving to a biodynamic level 2 fit and then finally to a Physical Therapy medical fit. The studio offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so that you can book with confidence and fits can be booked online via the website.

In the studio, Curtis uses Motion Capture, GebioMized saddle pressure mapping, a Retul 3D system, a purely custom fit bike and a hammer trainer. However, the real skill comes down to the analysis and interpretation of the data - a skill which, with his years of experience, Curtis is highly confident in.

(650) 260 - 4743

Curtis’ qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

BS in Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy

Retul Certification

Speaker at Medicine of Cycling conference

Speaker at International CycleFit Symposium

Dartfish motion capture technology

GebioMized saddle pressure mapping

Retul 3D system

Purely custom fit bike

Hammer Trainer




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