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Company: Revolutions in Fitness

Position: Bike Fitter

Expert Overview

Justin has been riding and racing bikes for almost 30 years. From his first mountain bike race in high school he was hooked, eventually reaching Category 1 in both road and mountain. After a 13 year detour in and out of practicing law (including a stint as a chef at Google, managing product as a "cycling guru" at a startup fitness social network, and partnering in a bike shop) Justin came back into the cycling fold full time seven years ago at City Cycle and finally ended up working directly for Trek in San Francisco.

Bike fits have always been an obsession for Justin, starting with early efforts to optimize cleat position and bike setup from his first road bike in 1991. After discovering the value of fit from some of the masters (including Curtis and Revolutions in Fitness), Justin made it a point to learn from the best when he embarked on his own fitting career. Trek Precision Fit Level 1 was the first stop - the basics of using motion capture along with basic anatomy. But it was the advanced pressure mapping, anatomy and integrated diagnostic tools of Levels 2 and 3 that really kicked fitting into gear. At this point Justin embarked on an intensive internship with Curtis that brought everything full circle and incorporated the integrated tools that RIF is known for.

Justin is also very experienced with cycling fitness, having been certified as a level 2 coach by USA Cycling. He also spent his racing career focusing on improving his own performance by familiarizing himself with what does and does not make a difference. This distinction informs every fit he performs since bio mechanics on the bike is ultimately at the service of aerobic development.

At RIF, Justin uses the latest technology to get the analytic data we need to understand your biomechanics. Technology lets us evaluate different positions effectively and document the impact that the changes we make had on your position and body. Our current arsenal of toys and tools includes gebioMized pressure sensing system, Motion MetriQ video motion capture and video analysis software, the Purely Custom fully customizable sizing cycle and the ability to do contactless fits remotely, among other systems.

Ultimately, Justin along with all of the professionals at RIF, are not just expert cycling analysts or physical therapists, we are also expert listeners. Whether you are a pro racer with world class ambition, or a recreational rider who wants to go 100 miles without hurting, we pay attention to what matters most to you. Different cyclists have different goals. We listen carefully so we can create the custom fit that works for you.

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