Rocket Bicycle Studio - Jessica L Laufenberg


Based at Rocket Bicycle Studio in Verona, WI, Jessica is a long-time student of human anatomy and movement and has over ten years of specific bike fit experience. She remains committed to her ongoing professional development and has trained with some of the biggest names in the industry, including GURU, FIST and Dan Empfield.

Every fit with Jessica begins with a comprehensive physical assessment. This includes questions about a client’s cycling history and goals, as well as taking measurements and starting data. In terms of technology, Jessica uses the Dynamic Fit Unit to ensure as close to perfect a fit as possible. Clients have the option to add on motion analysis session, learn about pedal stroke, how to prevent injury and how to maximise their cycling performance.

Jessica has worked and continues to work with cyclists and athletes of all levels of fitness and experience. She has a wide range of bikes, saddles, parts and shoes/insoles at her disposal in the studio and the studio also offers workshop services and athletic coaching. A number of former clients testify to Jessica’s skills and the impact on their performance on the Performance Lab section of the site.

Tel: 6082393837

Jessica’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

BS in Kinesiology

MA in Exercises Physiology & Biomechanics

2 years heading Human Performance Laboratory

F.I.S.T. Basic Fit Certified

F.I.S.T. Advanced Fit Certified

GURU Fit Certified

Dartfish 2D video capture

Power meter (CompuTrainer) on Dynamic Fit Unit, with utilization of SpinScan and pedal stroke analysis

Dyna-crank on Dynamic Fit Unit for determining crank arm length

30 demo saddle line-up

Custom cycling insole line-up with molding oven

Dynamic Fit Unit as our main tool of choice, used with 2D video capture, pedal stroke analysis, muscle balance assessment, and power analysis technology.

IBFI Certification