Sportfit Lab - Doug Baumgarten


Doug is based in Herndon, VA, USA and is a Serotta/SICI certified fitter who also has Slowtwitch Triathlon Fitting Certification. He holds a Masters degree in Exercise Science and has both ACSM and NASM certifications. Doug has been fitting bikes for over 8 years and uses a range of bike fit technology in his studio including a GURU dynamic fit unit, HUDL video analysis, Spin Scan power analysis, computrainer and gebioMized saddle pressure mapping.

In Doug’s studio, a quality bike fit is an essential part of his cyclist-centred service. Doug prides himself on taking into account a whole host of relative factors - physiology, sporting history, cycling goals and preferences, budget - and providing the customer with recommendations and adjustments to suit. A large number of client testimonials are available on his website.

He offers a range of bike fit options, from an introductory 1 hour fitting at the lower end of the price scale to an Advanced GURU fitting lasting around 3 hours. A significant proportion of the bike fit fee can be redeemed against the cost of a bike if purchased from Sportfit Lab.

Doug’s website features a fully comprehensive Q&A page about the merits of bike fit, dispelling some of the myths around cycling and specifically about test rides being superior to a professional fit.

Doug’s other qualifications include: GURU DFU fitting, attending the Medicine of Cycling bike fitting conference in 2014 and additional courses from Paul Swift of BikeFit on cleat/pedal interface.


Doug’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Masters degree in Exercise Science

Over 8 years bike fit experience

Attended Medicine of Cycling conference

Serotta certified

ACSM and NASM certifications

Slowtwitch Triathlon Fitting Certification

Different levels of bike fit options

Servicing available

Bike retailer - custom bikes available

GURU dynamic fit unit

HUDL video analysis

Spin Scan power analysis


gebioMized saddle pressure mapping

IBFI Certification