The Bicycle Studio of Western Colorado - John Weirath


John is based in Colorado and has a long history with bike fit: he started out in the late 90s shortly after he qualified as a Physical Therapist via Miami University and Chicago Medical School, and bike fit is still at the core of his business. Fast forward 20 years and he has performed somewhere in the region of 3400 fits for cyclists of all levels. Today, you can engage John to perform a bike fit (take a look at his bike fit website -, but he also spends his time educating bike fitters via his second online home, which he set up in response to the lack of comprehensive training in the ‘messy and complex’ cases that are often presented to a bike fitter.

An enthusiastic and dedicated athlete himself (he’s taken part in triathlons, iron distance racing, mountain biking etc), John is dedicated to easing discomfort and increasing performance.

In the time John has been fitting, he has seen the industry change from a small, relatively niche market to a far more slick and professional world. He insists that knowledge and experience is of primary importance with bike fit, but also relies on technology as a core part of his offering.

John is Retul-trained, uses motion capture technology, saddle pressure mapping technology and high-speed video to accumulate a detailed data set for each client. Over his years as a fitter he has carried out 3400 fits, including fits for university cycling teams and a number of professionals.


John’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Degree in Pysical Therapy
USA Cycling bike fitting course
5 day Cycologic course
Theraband Kinesiology Tape: Basic Applications of the Upper Extremity
Graston Technique: Treating Movement Dysfunction
BikeFit: The Foot/Pedal Interface
The Running Athlete: Part A – Biomechanics and Analysis
Clinical Examination of the Runner: Assessment, Testing, Gait Correlations, and Corrections
Infrared motion capture by Retul
gebioMized saddle pressure technology
2D video
Multiple insole options
Adjustable fit bike
Laser level
4 dozen test saddles
Wheel Riser

IBFI Certification