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Company: Triology Multisport Solutions


Based in Bishop Auckland, Co Durham, Andy offers the complete bike fit experience from Tri-ology Multisport Solutions. The clinic is located on the first floor but the centre houses a host of services, and a bike workshop, sports massage, nutrition and coaching services. As well as carrying out bike fits, Andy gives impartial advice on new bike purchases and sells bike parts and accessories.

He is Retul-certified, a qualified Sports Massage therapist (level 3 certificate), trained in biomechanics (level 1 and 2 certificates) and has completed a course on the effect of cycling on the pelvis and Running Biomechanics.

Andy caters to all levels of riders and offers a range of different bike fit options. His services include a 3D Dynamic Fit, fits for riders with two different bikes or two riders attending together with a bike each and group options. He is not solely technology-led but the clinic utilises a 3D Retul Motion Capture System; ultimately, however, his advice and adjustments are based on a more holistic approach, taking the clients’ physiology, sporting and injury history, cycling ambitions, preferences and more into consideration. Discounts are available for off-peak appointments (Tuesday-Friday) and all bike fit services can be booked online. The clinic also offers appointments for bike fits outside of usual opening times on request.

Andy has worked with innumerable clients to reduce pain, numbness and to increase their power and performance. Praise for his services is detailed on the website - You can contact Andy through the Bike Fit section of the tri-ology website.

Andy’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Retul training and certification
Level 3 certificate in Sports Massage
Level 1 and 2 certificates in Biomechanics and Running Bioimechanics
Bike Science: Cycling and the PelvisRetül Advanced Motion Analysis
Retül TT/Tri Optimisation


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