tuentrenas.com - Antonio Javier Barbero Vega


Anotonio has the following qualifications:

- Degree in sciences of physical activity and sport.
- Level I of Cycling biomechanics (Custom4us)
- Level 2 of Cycling biomechanics (Custom4us)

-Custom4us course on running fitting

He uses the following technology during his fits:
- Bike fitting video app (Bike fast fit)
- EMG shorts (Mbody)
- Range of test saddles (Essax and Specialized)
- Computrainer Lab
- Laser level
- Insole (sole)
- WKO4 to analyze the technique of pedaling


-Saddle Pressure sensor

Antonio is also the National director of junior cycling team, where he offers bike fit and training to the team. There is also a physiotherapist and podiatrist in his center.


Tel: +34 638 352 578


IBFI Certification