University of Utah Cyclist's Clinic - Ned Dowling


Nathan, otherwise known as Ned, is a qualified and practising Physical Therapist trained to Master’s level.

Ned has particular interest and experience with working with and rehabilitating injured cyclists. However, he has worked with cyclists of all levels, abilities and backgrounds in his years of bike fit, and continues to do so from his clinical base at the University of Utah. At the University he is Director of The Cyclist’s Clinic, the institution’s purpose-built clinic for physical therapy-led bike fit.

The Cyclist’s Clinic bike fit experience is a comprehensive one, beginning with a detailed biomechanical assessment both on and off the bike in order to establish the underlying reasons to discomfort or inhibited performance. Your bike will undergo some adjustment, but you will also undergo some physical therapy - stretching, therapeutic exercises etc - designed to manipulate and improve your body’s performance on the bike depending on your needs.

Physical therapy and bike fit go hand in hand at The Cyclist’s Clinic, with Ned using his knowledge and expertise to ensure a comfortable, painless and performance-optimized ride for all cyclists.

Ned is committed to his continued professional development, and has attended bike fitting courses held by BikePT as well as the Medicine of Cycling Conference and the Medicine of Cycling Bike Fit University. He has also attended and completed the ‘When the Foot Hits the Ground’ foot/ankle biomechanics and orthotics course.


Ned’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Master’s degree in physical therapy

Experience of working with injured cyclists

Physical therapy-informed approach to bike fit

Bike PT bike fit course

Medicine of Cycling Conference attendee

Medicine of Cycling Bike Fit University attendee

When the Foot Hits the Ground course attendee

Trained in pilates

Orthotics prescription experience

IBFI Certification