Vankru Cycling - Garth Kruger and Mark Herbert - Bike Fit Hampshire


Garth was inspired to establish Vankru Cycling, based in Upham, Hampshire, UK, in order to use his years of experience and extensive knowledge of bike fit and the human body to help others achieve their maximum cycling potential. A competitive cyclist himself (25 years riding and counting), Garth is Retul-trained and is one of only four Master Retul fitters in the UK. He has also lectured on bike fitting at Southampton University.

Mark has years of experience working in bike sales and a passion for road, criterium and cross-country mountain biking. He competes regularly and is an enthusiastic member of his local riding club. Mark has completed Specialized’s respected bike fit training course and is one of only a few fitters of his calibre in the UK.

The pair offer a number of bike fit options at Vankru, including a classic fit, a precision fit as well as shoe and cleat fitting, Aero testing, advice on purchasing a new bike, muscle activation analysis and body watch exercise screening using some of the latest technology. All are bookable online and you can read a number of reviews from satisfied customers on their website. The pair also have a three level coaching programme for cyclists of all abilities and their Level 2 and Level 3 packages include discounts on bike fit.

Garth and Mark’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Retul training (Master fitter - Garth)
Specialized Body Geometry Fit training (Certified fitter - Mark)
Top 10 UK Bike Fitter (Garth, Cycling Weekly, 2013)
Classic Bike Fit
Precision Bike Fit
Aero Testing (Velogic), suitable for road riders, time trialists and triathletes
New Bike advice session
Myontec Mbody shorts for EMG analysis
BodyWatch exercise screening (EuMotus)
Turbo trainer
3D motion video capture
WIVA intertia device (IMU)
Sports massage
Coaching packages
Regular cycling group

IBFI Certification