Velo Atelier, Bicycle Studio Warwick - Lee Prescott


Based in Warwickshire, Lee provides his bike fit service from Velo Atelier, an independent bike store offering advice on new bike purchases, servicing, coaching, aero testing and pilates training under one roof.

Lee’s bike fit service is a trademarked Velo Atelier offering and the process is completely bespoke to the client. All bike fits begin with a 90 minute initial assessment, during which the client’s history, lifestyle, cycling and sporting aims and physiology are explored in detail. This assessment informs the recommendation for a tailored bike fit plan, determining the nature of services required.

You won’t get a one-size-fits-all package with Lee - what you will get, however, is a completely individual process which may include some of the following fit aspects: saddle pressure mapping, insole assessment, foot/pedal interface assessment, pedalstroke analysis and bike sizing. Lee makes use of various technology and software in the bike fit studio, details or which are given below.

Lee is a respected expert in his field and runs regular workshops for cyclists at RCC Soho to give clients a taste of his Clinical Bike Fit experience.

Clients of Valo Atelier can also explore a number of related services, including cycling coaching options, aero testing in conjunction with Derby Velodrome/Veloptima and services from a complete bike build, wheel build and tiered servicing packages. The Velo Atelier blog also features a number of resources of interest to cyclists, including posts on bike maintenance, exercises for cyclists and the bike design process.

Lee’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

BSc (Hons)
Retul certified fitter (level 3)
gebioMized trained (level 2)
ISCO conference attendee
ICS conference attendee
WCCS conference attendee
2D multiple cameras
Pressure mapping technology
Range of insoles available
Foot scanner
Wheel riser
Adjustable fit bike
Wattage based turbo
Laser level
Range of test saddles
Aero testing available
DIERs back scanning
Completed fits for numerous pro riders and pro teams
Mechanics course completed

IBFI Certification