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I became a bike fitter in the process of finding a fitter that could help me get address issues I've had due to injuries. My experiences help me tune into what the client's needs are anHi, my name is Sunny Waas, and I am the owner and bike fitter at Velo Stop, in Broomfield, Colorado. I became a bike fitter in the process of finding a fitter that could help me address issues I've had on my bike due to serious injuries. My experiences help me tune into the client's needs, understand their concerns, and set me apart from others in the area who lack such insight and empathy. It brings me joy to know that I am able to bring great outcomes for a lot of people in comfort, performance, and endurance on their bike.
I realized that passion for bike fitting needs to be supported by education when it comes to providing your clients the best service, so I’ve committed to a path of continuing education and certification courses on an ongoing basis. As of writing, I’ve completed Level 1 and Level 2 in BikeFIt Education, as well as a 3-day class with IOG Bike Fit Consulting. This list will keep growing.
I’ve found that customer feedback is paramount in how each fitting session proceeds, which allows me to address each and every one of my client’s concerns methodically. Motion capture and video analysis help me track the session, and helps the client understand the process better through visual confirmation, and correlation.
Contact point comfort is a big part of my bike fits. In addition to having several types of handlebars to try out, I also have the largest demo saddle program in Colorado (SMP, ISM, Ergon, WTB, Fabric, San Marco, and BiSaddle), and fit clients for Lake Cycling shoes. All our fits include any needed cleat wedges, and leg lengths shims. Pedal extenders for extreme cases are also on hand. For someone, looking to explore shorter cranks, we offer Rotor and JCob cranks down to 145mm.
I also offer bike sizing services with the use of a Guru Dynamic Fitting Unit. With the growing number of direct-to-consumer bike brands, this allows the client to confirm what they want to buy.
If the client prefers, I also design custom frames. This is important for clients who prefer shorter cranks, would like to add features to their new bike that’s not available in off-the-shelf bikes, and who’d like to have a bike that was designed just for them. The possibilities are endless.
d lead to excellent outcomes.

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