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Position: CEO

Expert Overview

VeloCoachOnline is the alliance between the skills of an osteopath / physiologist and a professional cycling coach. Many World Tour cyclists and International Triathletes have put their trust in our concept.
Each fit is personalized taking into account the athletic possibilities of each. We then optimize the position using many tools in the studio and outdoors. We work for your comfort and your performance. For the TT part, we have established protocols scientifically validated by our Canadian research group, to make you the most Aero possible.
The tools used:
- Motion MetriQ
- Purely Costum
- Leomo
- Bioracer
- STAC Performance
- Aeropod & Notio KonectSo during your visit to our studio, you will go through different stages:
- You will pass an athletic record with a qualified and graduated osteopath. He will look at your muscular strengths and weaknesses, your qualities of flexibility. It will take into account your body composition and your antecedents. Also he will do a podiatry checkup to make sure you do not need soles or compensations. We are labeled FMS and Volodalen. Depending on the results, we offer coaching to work on your weaknesses.
- We check the position of cleats and then analyze your pedaling technique. We spend a little time explaining the best technique.
- We then work on the biomechanical analysis to better adjust your position on the bike.
- If you opt for an Aero position, we will then go to a Wind Tunnel simulator to make the best adjustments.
- Once the position is validated, we scan your position in 3D and send the result to a virtual wind tunnel for a CFD analysis.
- You can also opt for field validation with our many inertial sensors embedded and our pitot probes.
Our philosophy is to be able to propose evolutionary fitting and a longitudinal follow-up of these.



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