Velopez Bike Fit - Alfonso Lopez


Based in Seattle, Velopez is an independently-owned bike fit studio founded in 2013 which focuses solely on bike fit. Owner and fitter Alfonso is passionate about providing clients with a ‘eureka!’ moment similar to the one he experienced after 10 years of cycling. After having what proved to be a pretty mediocre fit, Lopez found he could cycle long distances with only minimal discomfort - great, he thought. However, after a BikeFit certified friend and cycling colleague offered him a comprehensive fit, his cycling world was transformed. Today, Velopez’s bike fit mission is to provide clients with the same realisation: cycling doesn’t have to hurt.

Velopez doesn’t sell bikes or accessories; only the individual parts which may be required or changed during a fit e.g. saddles, handlebars etc. Although Lopez is slowtwitch certified, a certified BikeFit instructor and assisted with the development of BikeFit’s fitting app, he doesn’t subscribe absolutely to one particular school of thought on bike fit. His priority is always the client, and fitting the bike to their body. Velopez makes comprehensive use of data, which is then analysed and then interpreted to provide the best possible fit experience for for the clent.

Lopez himself graduated from cycling commuter to longer distances to competitive biking and prides himself on providing a top quality service to cyclists of all levels of experience and ability.  He offers five different fit options, including a pre and post purchase fit, a TT fit and a saddle session, all of which can be booked online.


Alfonso’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Slowtwitch certified

BikeFit instructor

Five different fit options

Retul Muve sizing bike

Video analysis

Range of components available to try

Wide range of test saddles

Footbalance custom insoles

All bike fits come with a pre-fit interview and physical assessment

Follow-up fee waived within 30 days

IBFI Certification