Committee Member Profile: Happy Freedman

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Happy Freedman

About Happy

Happy makes foot orthoses and has a special interest in cycling and ski boot orthoses, he also fits bicycles. He also engages in research and teaches classes on various aspects of bike fit.

Job title and responsibilities

Happy is both a member of the IBFI committee and the IBFI steering committee. IBFI’s steering committee is made up of experienced academics, bike fitters and bike fit educators from around the world who are committed to helping raise standards in bike fitting. This independent group of volunteers oversees the accreditation process, which includes determining course credits, as well as grading and accrediting applicants based on them meeting the necessary competencies. In addition, Happy serves as the unofficial institutional memory on the committee, with over 3 decades of fitting and as an active participating member. Happy’s role within the IBFI is that of an advisory function and as an ambassador providing outreach to north American fitters.


Happy specializes in complex and complicated bicycle fitting with a strong focus on the injured athlete. Happy was among the first persons to start fitting bikes as a profession over 30 years ago, he was also one of the first faculty members at the original Serotta school of bike fit in Saratoga, New York. Happy has lectured in London at the CycleFit Symposium. He was one of the founding faculty members at Medicine of Cycling in Colorado Springs, Colorado and has been fitting since the late 1970s. Happy was probably the first person to work in a hospital as a bike fitter. He has spent more than a decade at Columbia University coaching the collegiate cycling team, where they qualify one or more athletes for National championships every year.

Research Interests

Bike Fitting Experience

The Majority of Happy’s research projects are proprietary to the hospital he is also collaborating with Moulton bicycles. Happy main research focus looks at bicycles designed for those with hip and knee replacements.
Happy’s interest in bike fit developed from a desire to increase his own efficiency during the pedal stroke to improve his performance when he was racing back I the late 70’s to the early 80’s.


In Happy’s fits he uses an array of different tech, such as an Apex sizing bike, a 12 camera motion capture system NCV, and EMG’S, force plates, lasers trainers, and more. The expertise of our staff of engineers who operate some of the equipment complements my background. Happy finds that the most useful tool he has at his disposal during a fit is his experience and ability to know what the best piece of equipment is best suited to completing the task at hand.

Fitting inspiration

The Best advice Happy has for aspiring fitters is to find a way to spend time with a bike fitter they respect and shadow them in a hands on capacity for a few days, for example Happy did this at the Serotta factory with Steven LeBoyer – now the owner of Savile Road-The Tailored Bicycle, where he learned more about current fit and Ben Serotta’s second generation size cycle. He was then able to build those days of observation onto prior knowledge and experience.

Contact details

Telephone number(s): 212-606-1022
Postal Address: 510 E 73Street NY, NY, 10021