Creating a new standard in bike fitting

The International Bike Fitting Institute is working to raise standards in bike fitting, as well as promoting fitters who have undergone extensive training and have a proven track record in providing quality service. Through its global accreditation scheme, IBFI aims to encourage bike fitters and analysts to continue their professional development, ensuring they offer the best service to customers, while helping customers identify the best-trained fitters in their area.

  • Professionalism

    Demonstrate personal commitment to your career and profession

  • Skills and Education

    Improve skills and education levels across the industry

  • Best Practice

    Create a focus on standards and practices for all our members

  • Respect and Credibility

    Foster respect and credibility within the cycling industry and with members of the public

  • Specialist Industry

    Reinforce bike fitting as a profession requiring extensive training and specialist knowledge


    The main commodity of the bike fitting industry is highly-experienced and educated bike fitters who provide excellent service to professional and club riders alike.
    IBFI Certification is a baseline to provide an independent validation of knowledge and proven bike-fitter skills.
    By recognising skills, knowledge and experience, IBFI enables fitters to accrue credits over their career based on the levels of training they undertake and the number of fits they carry out.
    Credits are collated and verified by an independent steering committee made up of some of the world’s leading bike fit experts.
    Different levels of certification are available to fitters depending on the number of points they have collected.

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    IBFI Certification is the standard of excellence for bike fitters all over the world, demonstrating competency and commitment to continued development and improvement.
    It distinguishes the best fitters who are skilled to meet the needs of any fit client, and encourages bike fitters and cycling analysts to continue their learning.
    It also enables customers to identify the best-trained fitters in their area, reducing the risk of a poor service being carried out by an unqualified fitter and improving the reputation of the bike fitting industry.


Endorsed by leading bike fitting organisations around the world, the accreditation system sees fitters accrue credits based on their existing skills, qualifications and experiences.


Depending on how many points they have, fitters will be allocated to one of four certification levels to reflect their education and experience.


Those that meet the standard will be added to the IBFI find-a-fitter database, which customers will be able to search to find a bike fitter which best suits their needs.


The certification scheme was developed by an independent panel, made up of some of the world’s leading fitters and cycling industry experts.