Levels of Certification

IBFI currently offers four levels of accreditation. A fitter’s eligibility for each level depends on their fitting experience, knowledge and qualifications. The specialized certification levels were devised by IBFI’s independent panel of expert bike fitters and bike fit educators.

IBFI Certification Level 1 serves as the base to demonstrate extensive knowledge and understanding of bike fitting.
• Candidates have access to the support of a level 3 certified mentor to help with their journey to certification.
• Requires a minimum of 300 fits experience
• Proof that bike fitters have the appropriate knowledge and experience to conduct a bike fit independently
• Evidence that an organisation is more qualified than competitors
Level 1 Certification is achieved by accruing a minimum of 120 credits and the experience of 300 fits, which reflect a minimum standard level of education and experience.


Endorsed by leading bike fitting organisations around the world, the accreditation system sees fitters accrue credits based on their existing skills, qualifications and experiences.


Depending on how many points they have, fitters will be allocated to one of four certification levels to reflect their education and experience.


Those that meet the standard will be added to the IBFI find-a-fitter database, which customers will be able to search to find a bike fitter which best suits their needs.


The certification scheme was developed by an independent panel, made up of some of the world’s leading fitters and cycling industry experts.