IBFI Travel Grant

The IBFI Travel Grant offers fitters in the early stages of their career the chance to win funding to contribute towards attending training courses around the world.

Open to level one and level two IBFI-certified fitters, the annual award is worth up to £500 (US$657/€561*) and can be used to cover costs including:

- international travel
- domestic travel costs once at the conference/course location
- accommodation costs

The funding is not intended to cover course fees.

The deadline for applications each year is the final Friday in December. Applications will be assessed by an independent IBFI panel, who will make any award by mid-January.

Funding cannot be used towards covering costs for a course fitters have already attended, and must be used within a year of receipt.

The IBFI has the right to withhold funding if no suitable applications are made in any year.

To apply for the funding, please download the form and submit your application via email to info@ibfi-certification.com

• The IBFI Travel Grant is only open to level one and level two certified IBFI fitters
• The Grant must be used to attend courses where international is required
• Funding cannot be used for courses that could be attended in the country the applicant resides in
• The Grant can only be used to attend courses which are currently recognised by the IBFI
• The receive payment, successful application must retain and submit receipts in order to be refunded by the IBFI
• The payment cannot be used for food and drink - only international and domestic travel, as well as accommodation

*Depending on exchange rates