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Our Steering Committee.

The International Bike Fitting Institute is working to raise standards in bike fitting, as well as promoting fitters who have undergone extensive training and have a proven track record in providing quality service. Through its global accreditation scheme, IBFI aims to encourage bike fitters and analysts to continue their professional development, ensuring they offer the best bicycle fitting service to customers, while helping customers identify the best-trained fitters in their area..

Andy Brooke


Andy is the founder and President of the IBFI and is also studying for a PhD in Sports Science, specialising in the biomechanics of cycling. For the past seven years Andy has been a full-time bike fitter, and runs bike fit training courses and workshops across the UK.

Kit Vogel

Vice President

Kit has a PhD in Physical Therapy and a Masters degree in Biomechanics/Human Movement and Performance. She helps to write and deliver bike fitting courses for Bike Fit and Cycle Point, and is a guest lecturer at the University of Washington.

Curtis Cramblett


Curtis has been practicing as a Licensed Physical Therapist (LPT) for over 15 years. He holds a BS in Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy and is a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT). Curtis has worked with athletes of all levels, including the Gamrin-Cervelo Professional Cycling Team. Curtis is also a founding member of Medicine of Cycling.

Daniel Schade


Daniel has a degree in Sports Science and co-founded the cycling biomechanics brand ‘gebioMized’, which works to develop sports analysis technology, such as pressure mapping, motion capturing and force analysis tools. He has worked with several Pro-Tour teams, including Trek-Segafredo, and Movistar.

Happy Freedman


Happy specialises in complex bicycle fitting at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Happy has lectured in London at the CycleFit Symposium and was one of the founding faculty members at Medicine of Cycling. He has been fitting since the late 1970s and was probably the first person to work in a hospital as a bike fitter.

Lloyd Thomas


Product development and innovation drives Lloyd Thomas, he develops cycling products for a number of large brands, including shoes for Shimano, and PRO saddles. He recently developed and launched the MotionLogic 3D BikeFit system. Lloyd has worked with many of the best cyclists in the world, in fact, athletes he’d worked with, won more than half the stages of the 2017 Tour de France!

Steve Hogg


Steve Hogg has been educating some of the world’s best fitters for decades. His blog contains a wealth of bike fit information, helping both fitters and cyclists alike. His attention to detail is second to none. Steve is also one of the most creative fitters in the world, being responsible for for a significant number of ideas and developments that have helped push bike fit forwards.

Ximo Borras


Ximo has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports and a Diploma in Physical Education Teaching. He has trained with some of the leading bike fit educators in both Europe and America, and has a drive for continued professional development. Ximo has recently started offering his own high-level bike fit courses in both Spanish and English.

Scientific Sub-Committee

Some aspects of cycling biomechanics receive a lot of interest and attention, but there are several areas that remain largely untouched. Our scientific sub-committee plans to shed light on these areas to identify gaps in the existing research. Hopefully through an annual research statement we can help guide researchers towards filling much needed gaps that will help us answer some of these questions more quickly

Dr Barney Wainwright

Scientific Sub-Committee

Barney is a Research Fellow at Leeds Beckett University. He combines his role in academia, with work as a bike fitter, biomechanist, physiologist and aerodynamicist. Barney has a wealth of experience supporting elite athletes and was a member of the coaching team for Team GB at both the Athens and Beijing Olympics.

Dr Borut Fonda

Scientific Sub-Committee

Dr Fonda holds an undergrad degree in sports training and a masters degree in kinesiology. His PhD focused on motor control and biomechanics of cycling. He is an award winning researcher and author of two patents and over 50 scientific publications. He is the program director at Cycling Science.

Joris Verreydt

Scientific Sub-Committee

Joris has a Masters in physical therapy and is an expert in bike fitting and cycling performance at Bakala Academy in Belgium. He has extensive experience with recreational and professional athletes and is involved in several professional teams including Etixx-Quickstep and Sport Vlaanderen.

Lotte Kraus

Scientific Sub-Committee

Lotte Kraus holds a master degree in physiotherapy as well as several international certificates in physical therapy in the field of manual and sports physiotherapy. Her masters degree evaluated the Center of Pressure in Cycling Optimisation. Lotte is works as a biomechanical researcher, educator and cycling analyst for gebioMized in Germany.

Paul Visentini

Scientific Sub-Committee

Paul Visentini is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist with a post graduate degree in Manipulative Physiotherapy. He has been involved in Cycling Injury Management at the highest level, and is undertaking his Doctorate in Physiotherapy, investigating “Clinical Measures of the Closed Kinetic Chain in Cycling”.

Robert Brown

Scientific Sub-Committee

Robert has a Masters degree in Physiotherapy with interests in cycling injuries, hip & knee, groin, achilles, and lower limb. He has worked in the professional peloton as a cycling physio for Orica Green-Edge and organises the Cycling sports medicine conference on bike fitting and cycling injuries.

Regional Representatives

Languages and time zones can make it challenging to engage and communicate easily with bike fitters across the world. By translating the website and installing Regional Reps we can reach a bigger audience and, more importantly, listen to a wider range of members. If you're interested in becoming a Regional Rep, please get in touch through our Contact Us page.

Jesse Jarjour


Jesse is a Retul certified bike fitter who has also trained extensively with Trek, obtaining both their level 1 and level 2 precision fit qualifications.

Winston Tam


Winston is on the leading bike fitters and bike fit educators in Asia. He delivers courses from BikeFit, Specialized, and Retul, and has recently helped Velogicfit and Guru develop their own training resources.

Patrick Guillaume

France, Luxembourg and Belgium

Patrick is a physical therapist and bike fitter who works with both the bike and the rider to help reduce the risk of injury. He is dedicated to continued development and has attended bike fit courses in numerous countries.

Makito Fushimi


Makito is one of the leading bike fitters in Japan, having trained with Retul, BikeFit and MotionLogic. He is a BikeFit instructor, running their level 1 and 2 courses in Japan. Makito has also attended several bike fit conferences in Germany and the UK.

Niels Heuvelman

Netherlands/Belgium (Flemish)

Niels is an importer and distributor of bike fitting products, including GebioMized pressure mapping systems and BikeFit wedges. He also owns Cyclefit, which helps shops determine the best sized bike for their customer.

Petter Gustavsen


Petter has worked with riders from Protour to hobbyists and everybody inbetween. He is one of the leading fitters in Scandinavia and works with the IBFI as our Regional Representative there.

Timothy Lim

South East Asia

Timothy has attended numerous bike fit courses and is the regional educator for GebioMized and ISCO. He has presented at bike fitting conferences and helped conduct scientific research into saddle contact.

Lee "DK" DongKeon

South Korea

DK has been fitting for over 10 years and worked with bike fit education companies, including BikeFit Systems, Velogicfit and Specialized Body Geometry, to help train bike fitters across Korea.

Jorge Solis


Jorge is a certified Phisyotherapist and an Osteopath. He has been bike fitting since 2011 using 3D motion capture. Jorge is also the course director and professor of clinical biomechanics of cycling at fisiofocus.


Active Members

Running an organisation like the IBFI wouldn't be possible without the hard work of volunteers. We're constantly looking for people to help out or run a project so if you're interested in becoming an Active Member, please get in touch through our Contact Us page.

Stu Waring

Membership Manager

Maryland-based Stu took over managing membership applications in 2017 and is responsible for checking applicants meet the high standards required to become an IBFI certified fitter.

Tom Wiseman

Special Projects

Tom has recently been working on a number of different projects, from his fit studio in Ohio. These include broadening the member benefits package available to IBFI members as well as designing and distributing member certificates.

Jed Williams

Development Officer

Jed is currently completing a degree in Sport Science in the UK and is a keen cyclist and rower. He is helping the IBFI write and edit our text books and keeps our members up to date with recent developments through our social media pages.