IBFI Asia 2019: First IBFI event proves huge success

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More than 30 fitters from around the world gathered in Bangkok, Thailand this month to take part in the IBFI’s first ever conference.

The international event offered fitters the chance to learn practical skills, share ideas and network with other fitters, and feedback has been so positive that the IBFI is already planning to return to Thailand in 2020.

The first day offered delegates practical advice on measuring centre of mass and fitting riders at the extreme ranges of size.

Attendees also heard from IBFI President Andy Brooke, who introduced the organisation’s new constitution and opened it up for consultation. 

Andy also announced plans to shift the IBFI to a democratically-elected committee, as well as the creation of regional sub-committees in future — ideas which received a lot of support.

The conference also saw the introduction of a new concept to bike fitting conferences — the ‘unconference’ session.

Where most conference sessions are run by single speakers addressing an audience, the unconfernece sessions gave delegates the chance to break into smaller groups to discuss key aspects of bike fit.

The group then came together to share and summarise their discussions, which ranged from the future of the IBFI to fitting for sprint athletes and the pedal-foot interface.

The second day kicked-off with renowned Australian bike fitter Steve Hogg, who discussed his history in bike fitting and how to move beyond the limitations of bike fitting technology.

His session was followed by talks on the business of bike fit, which included how to ensure profitability, and how to take advantage of social media to better reach clients.

After two days of presentations and workshops, delegates were treated to an IBFI masterclass with Steve, who offered a fantastic opportunity for hands-on learning.

“Steve’s approach is very different to that of most fitters and the opportunity to learn from a world-leading bike fitter was a real eye-opener for a lot of our delegates,” said IBFI President Andy Brooke.

“The feedback from delegates on the masterclass and the rest of the conference has been hugely positive, and having organised this event in such a short time, we’re really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve next year.

“A special thank you has to go to our sponsors Lactasoy, Cycling Projects and JJ Pro Performance Centre, as well as lead organiser Kwanchai Nualchancy and of course the delegates who made this first IBFI conference such a success.”