Meet the bike fit educators already on-board

Article from: International Bike Fitter Magazine – January 2022 (Issue 4)

Leading bike fitting educators from across the world have signed up to the new common syllabus, with more set to join soon. Here, we profile some of those offering courses in-line with the new curriculum.

Bike Fitness Coaching, California (USA)

Bike Fitness Coaching

Bike Fitness Coaching approach bike fitting from a biomechanical perspective and start from the fundamental belief that no two people are the same. Their courses teach that each bike fit is a unique experience and it’s necessary to work with the cyclist’s input to help them achieve their perfect fit. The courses are written and delivered by Father and Daughter pair, Rick and Amy Schultz, who offer a great balance of biomechanics, coaching and physical therapy knowledge.

Rick Schultz is a certified Cycling coach and has certifications in powerbased training, LEOMO real-time motion analysis, and is a USAC Certified Skills Instructor. Rick’s bike fitting beliefs focus on placing the rider ’s body into its natural ‘relaxed’ state on the bicycle, giving the cyclist the most stability and the greatest potential to produce power.

Amy Schultz is a licensed and practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy. She also has an undergraduate degree in kinesiology & biomechanics and raced as a women’s elite category 2 crit racer. Amy holds a certificate as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and currently works as a physical therapist at the Red Bull Athletic Performance Center.

BikeFit Physio, Essex and Cambridgeshire (UK)

BikeFit Physio

Charlie Holt is a Chartered Physiotherapist and IBFI-certified bike fitter working in Essex and Cambridgeshire, UK. Charlie started, combining his physiotherapy knowledge and bike fitting skills to help cyclists experiencing pain find a position that allows them to enjoy pain-free cycling again. Charlie teaches bike fitting through and has developed several courses — his most popular being one designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Charlie’s approach to bike fitting teaches healthcare professionals to use their strengths, in particular their knowledge of human anatomy and how the body moves, to enhance the bike fitting services they provide.

He demonstrates how a quality biomechanical assessment can determine what position you think about putting a cyclist in, and delves into developing personalised home-exercise programs to help cyclists address muscle weaknesses. To Charlie, bike fitting isn’t a one-off session; he teaches that it’s a continued process of working with the cyclist to improve their body mechanics which will in turn, improve the quality of the bike fit even further.

Curtis Cramblett and Wendy Holliday, California and North Carolina (USA)

Curtis Cramblett is a Licensed Physical Therapist (LPT) with over 15 years’ experience. He’s also a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT) and has worked with Garmin-Cervelo as a bike fitter and physical therapist. Curtis is a founding member of Medicine of Cycling and a member of the IBFI steering committee. He regularly presents at conferences across the world, including ICS and ISCO.

Dr Wendy Holliday is a Physical Therapist with a special interest in clinical bike fitting. After working in private practice for over ten years, she decided to pursue post-graduate studies with a focus on cycling biomechanics. Wendy’s passion is combining her PT experience with cycling research to conduct clinical bike fits for those who are either injured or uncomfortable on the bike. Wendy has presented at numerous international conferences, including Science and Cycling, Medicine of Cycling and ISCO.

Wendy and Curtis are teaming up to offer online and in-person bike fitting workshops. The aim is to provide content that enables bike fitters to assess cycling clients on and off the bike confidently. Their focus is on developing evaluation and intervention skills and teaching treatment tools to improve the injured cyclist. Their first offering is a hands-on practical workshop in April., Bilbao (Spain) is the brainchild of Jon iriberri, who has been a leading innovator in bike fitting since the late 1990s. Jon has worked as the lead fitter for Movistar, Lotto Jumbo and the Spanish Olympic Team, meaning his clients are some of the best in the business. offers biomechanical screening and consultancy services in cycling and running. They also consult in sports medicine and offer coaching services, along with online courses in bike fitting, coaching, sport nutrition courses and training with power. With over 15 centres across Spain, they’re one of the biggest bike fitting networks in Europe.

Jon teaches bike fitting courses, online and in-person, to much of the Spanish speaking world and has expanded into an international network of fitters and fit educators. They now offer bike fitting education across most of Europe and South America. Jon has also presented at conferences across the world and is a great role model for elite fitters, always willing to share his knowledge and speak openly with colleagues and peers.

Cyclefit, Hamont (Belgium)

Cyclefit, Hamont

Cyclefit is part of Innovative Cycling BV and was founded in 2013. Cyclefit’s mission is to give as many cyclists as possible more cycling pleasure. This is achieved through the development and distribution of bike fitting products, software and services to help with the determination of a comfortable and sustainable cycling position.

Cyclefit is based on real solutions, and independent, honest advice for all cyclists. As knowledge is considered the most important aspect for independent retailers, Cyclefit spends a lot of time and energy on training courses and sharing its knowledge. Covid presented a real challenge for bike fit educators, but Cyclefit showed great resolve and innovation in hosting an incredibly successful series of webinars.

Cyclefit is active throughout Europe, and partly beyond, but recognises the importance of personal contact and individual solutions. This is the reason they work so closely with local specialists and experts who are close to cyclists and can provide a unique, handson service.

Cyclologic, Scottsdale, Arizona (USA)


Cyclologic started as a fit-first retail store and quickly expanded into cycling analysis education and technology development. It’s education arm now offers courses in over 15 countries and half a dozen languages and is growing constantly. Cyclologic’s sister company, MOTIONMETRIQ, is one of the biggest video capture companies in bike fitting and continues to push the boundaries of what’s available to bike fitters.

Head fitter, Paraic McGlynn, has worked with professional teams like Trek-Segafredo and the US Olympic Triathlon Team, along with a host of elite-level cyclists and triathletes. He also works as a product consultant with Purely Custom and was heavily involved in the development and implementation of Trek’s in-house Precision Fit courses.

Cyclologic offers comprehensive training on cycling analysis, passing on knowledge gained by working with professional teams, medical support staff and international bike brands. It partners with industry leaders and innovators like MOTIONMETRIQ, gebioMized and Purely Custom to develop some of the best analytical tools available.

Fit Kit Systems, Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

Fit Kit Systems

Formed in the early 1980’s, Fit Kit Systems is the longest running bike fit education and equipment supplier in the United States. Many notable fitters of today got their start with a bike fit course from Fit Kit Systems, and many bike shops progressed their bike sizing, sales, and fitting with the use of products and protocol from Fit Kit Systems.

Fit Kit Systems pioneered the use of body segment measurements as a metric of relevance for bike sizing and fitting; resolved a plague of knee pain issues with the Rotational Adjustment Device when cleatpedal systems were first introduced, and developed software for documenting bike fits when personal computers first started showing up in bike shops.

Today, Fit Kit Systems continues to be a small, innovative and independent supplier. It offers : • practical, hands-on fitting tools and supplies for both fitters and cycling enthusiasts, offering both in-house and distributed brands • revised and updated educational content online and in person, with a focus on foundational concepts and skills • bike fit documentation software with client reports.

Marcelo Rocha, Brasilia (Brazil)

Marcelo Rocha

Marcelo is one of the leading fitters in South America and has been fitting since 2002. He has a thirst for knowledge that has taken him across the world to continue his development as a bike fitter. Marcelo has always been keen to share what he learns as well, which makes him a great instructor. In fact, bike fitting isn’t the only area where Marcelo teaches. He is a highly decorated Jiu-jitsu practitioner and teacher.

With a degree in Physical Education, and another in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Marcelo has a broad understanding of the human body and sporting performance. In his fitting courses, he strives for balance and takes a holistic approach to ensure no stone is left unturned. Marcelo has gained several qualifications in bike fitting, including FIST, Serotta, Retul, and Guru. He is an incredibly experienced educator, having delivered courses for Retul and Guru before setting up his own education centre. offers training courses to fitters across Brazil.

Physiohaus Bike Fit Education Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK)


Physiohaus use their background in Physiotherapy to deliver evidence-based, practical training in a small group environment utilising a variety of tools, technologies and approaches.

Lead Instructor: John Dennis MCSP

John worked as Lead Instructor with Retül from 2010 to 2016 and has vast experience teaching bike fit classes, from basic fit principles to advanced motion capture. He developed course curriculum and led on development of courses for medical professionals and the management principles behind cycling related injuries.

Instructor: Morgan Lloyd MCSP

Morgan has significant experience working with most of the world’s best bike fitting tools and technologies, and experience in setting up and starting a bike fitting business. His own bike fitting education journey started at Cyclefit in London where Morgan helped to develop and implement the Trek Precision Fit education program, train educators across Europe and lead training in the UK.

Between them, John and Morgan have been involved in fitting pro cycling teams such as One Pro Cycling, the Great Britain Cycling Team, Orica Greenedge, Europcar, Team Sky, MTN Qhebeka, Geox, Colombia Pro Cycling, WNT Pro Cycling and Radioshack, as well as numerous pro triathletes on the ITU and Ironman circuits.

Torke Cycling, Bath (UK)

Torke Cycling

Torke Cycling is run by Tony Corke, who has over 20 years’ experience working in bike fitting. He has worked as a fitter in the UK and US, and has experience running bike fitting courses both for BikeFit and under his own brand, Torke Cycling.

By partnering with co-instructors across Europe, Torke Cycling are able to deliver courses in multiple different countries and several different languages.

Tony’s expertise in bicycle design and background in retail and sales adds a unique, practical dimension to the advice and support he offers course participants. Torke Cycling Bike Fitting training adds a new level of understanding to the bike fitter ’s work, helping them to deliver incredible customer satisfaction and facilitate better client-fitter relationships for improved outcomes. Torke Cycling training is brand-neutral and suitable for developing bike fitters working with all systems.

Tony is also Partner and Head of Cycling Dynamics for Spoon Customs and helps to develop custom geometry bicycles for clients around the world.

Bike fitters, physiotherapists, coaches and athletes from across the world use Torke Cycling methods to optimise both their own riding positions, and those of their clients.


If you’re a bike fitting education provider and want to find out more about running courses in-line with the new education syllabus, get in touch by emailing:

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