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Sander is an orthopedic technician from Vorden, in the Netherlands. His work in this field grants him an extensive knowledge of both the anatomy of the human body and the use an application of different materials and techniques to accommodate for discrepancies and asymmetries in the body. 


Sander has the skills to measure and design such implements from arch supports to computer controlled leg prostheses. Both at home and abroad Sander has engaged in a myriad of different courses and training days. 

With assistance from scientific literature as well as several sports doctors and physiotherapists, Sander is now a professional bike fitter specializing in dynamic assessments. He uses foot and saddle pressure measurement along with video analysis.  


"I have not one speciality. I think all contact points are even important. For example, when I change the stability of the feet, I see this back in saddle pressure mapping. For me the stability of the feet very important. This is where you start with putting power on your bike."

Sander Visschers

 Sander began his bike fit career in January of 2014 because he suffered from a variety of problems as a cyclist himself, he had tried a multitude of different approaches to try to alleviate these issues such as changing saddle height and fore-aft and even changing saddles. His personal experience as an orthopedic technician lends itself to bike fit as once again you are examining someone's movement and trying to figure out how you can improve it.

Sander has video analysis, saddle and foot pressure mapping, a power-meter and his intuition at his disposal.

"My eyes. With my eyes I see what is the effect of changing things. With pressure mapping I see the result. And I talk a lot with my clients. What do they feel. This is the best feedback and so you get the unique personal bikefit."

Sander thinks about the most important tools he uses in his work.

Bike Fit Tech

Sander has video analysis, saddle and foot pressure mapping, a power meter. These along with a keen eye he has developed through his years of experience as a fitter mean that Sander has the tools at his disposal to help deal with every client that comes through his door.



The most useful course sander found himself taking part in were the ones taught by renowned bike fit educator tony corke.


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