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Tom is based in the Medina, Ohio location of Century Cycles. Founded in 1992 Century Cycles is a full-service bike shop offering sales, service, bike fitting and
rentals. Century is active in the community and been named one of America’s Best Bike Shops every year since 1999.


Tom has been in the bike industry for 20+ years and been fitting professionally for more than 5 years. His involvement with the IBFI as a member began in 2016 and progressed tolevel 2 in September of 2017. Tom describes Some of the most challenging and rewarding fittings have been helping people getting over some type of injury or surgery. Highlights include bilateral knee replacements, lumbar spinal fusion, and a man with about 10% use of the left side of his body due to contracting Polio as a child.

Working with newer cyclists and people with poor pedal mechanics is what he really enjoys. Educating them on the proper relationship of body and bike and why they sit and pedal the way they do is something he finds very rewarding. These people then go ride with their friends and with a better understanding of what is happening on the bike they see issues with other people and refer them to Tom. Positive word of mouth is the best advertising.


“My primary gift/talent in this life is a true passion for cycling. Professionally I excel at working with and coaching new cyclists and enthusiasts of the sport. Keeping people from making some of the same mistakes I have made over the years and building passion for the sport is what I truly find ultimately rewarding.”

Tom Wiseman

Tom has been fitting formally since 2012/13 but has been in the cycling industry since 1996 and has been aware of bike fit since the early 2000’s.

Like a lot of people in the industry, Tom came to this out of necessity. After 15 years of working on bikes, Tom felt he needed something else to be passionate about within the industry to stop from getting bored and keep his daily routine from getting stale. It wasn’t until Tom started fitting that he could truly appreciate the lasting reward of making people comfortable on their bike.

“When you repair someone’s bike they think about the fact you fixed their rig for a very short time. When you fix the problems, someone has with their bike/body relationship they will experience joy and be grateful to you every time they get on their bike.”

The feedback Tom receives when a client on vacation is enjoying their bike and wants to make their fitter aware of just how grateful they are to have worked with them is incredibly rewarding.

Bike Fit Tech

Tom uses a variety of technology when fitting as and when it is needed to solve issues and problems. These include 2-dimensional high-speed video, laser knee tracking in the frontal plane, a power controlled trainer and Leomo Motion Analysis System. Tom also has multiple types of insoles and foot beds on offer, a vast selection of saddles using the BikeFit saddle changer and when necessary the FitKit Rotational Alignment Device (RADS) pedals.


As cliché, as it may sound the most important “piece of equipment” at Toms, disposal is his personal computer. The ability to record the client information including contact info,  measurements and details then storing the data in the cloud is invaluable. Being able to retrieve that information from anywhere, at any time and at any computer around the world (including his phone) has been much more useful and valuable than any single tool in the studio.


As an avid reader and lifelong student of learning Tom has attended various courses in bike fit and would suggest the same to others. Attendance at the courses affords the opportunity to absorb information from biomechanics, kinesiology and bike mechanics. Tom also suggests budding fitters try to establish and mentor style relationship or even a friendship with a more experienced fitter.

The ability to have someone that you can talk to, and ask questions is more valuable in the long term than school or course you attend. Having a network of fitters to lean on and get feedback from will continue the learning process long after the conclusion of any formal teachings. As a non-medical type fitter himself Tom does recommend a book called the ‘Anatomy of Movement’ by Blandine Calais-German.

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