Brown's Sports & Cycle Co. LTD - John-Paul Raymond


John-Paul is an experienced and dedicated bike fitter who is based at Browns Sports

and Cycle Company in Toronto. He has committed to his professional development over the years and has attended several courses, including training on transitioning to to dynamic bike fit practice and motion analysis certification.

Although John-Paul believes in the importance of a bike fitter’s personal experience and skill, his bike fit process is also informed by careful use of data and uses a range of technology and equipment to support his service. In the studio he employs a single-sided 3D motion capture system, a laser level, a wattage-based turbo trainer, a 2D video (side view, single camera) and a wheel riser. He also has a range of test saddles and insoles in stock.

Browns, where John-Paul is based, is an expansive sports retail outlet including but not limited to bikes and cycling accessories. The bike fit section of the website offers two fit options - a basic fit and a 3D motion capture fit - and both bike fit services can be purchased online.

During a fit, John-Paul uses the 3D system to collect data as the client pedals. The technology collects measurements and data which is to the nearest millimeter averaged over a number of pedal strokes. He then uses this data to make adjustments and changes. Each client is different, and John-Paul takes into account a cyclist’s goals, cycling history and experience into consideration. Whether you’re a recreational cyclist looking for a more comfortable ride or a competitive racer seeking to maximise your performance and achieve a new personal best, John-Paul is confident that a professional bike fit can transform your cycling experience.


John-Paul’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Transition to Dynamic Bike Fit course

Motion Analysis Certification

Single-sided 3D motion capture system

Laser level

Wattage-based turbo trainer

2D video (side view, single camera)

Wheel riser

Range of test saddles in stock

Range of insoles in stock

IBFI Certification