Oz BikeFit & Tech - Kevin Whaley

Company: OZ Bike Fit & Tech

Position: Owner/Fitter/Tech/Coach

Expert Overview

Specializing in Professional Bicycle Fitting Services utilizing the FIST Certified Protocol, the Guru Bike Fit System, and the BikeFit Pedal, Shoe, Cleat Protocols as well as Professional Bike Technical and Maintenance service work plus custom work and upgrades!


Fit Institute Slow-Twitch F.I.S.T.® Certified Expert Bike Fitter

International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) Level 4 Certified Bike Fitter

Fit Kit Systems Certified Professional Fitter

USAT® Certified Bike Fitter

BikeFit® PSC Expert Certified Fitter

Guru Fit Bike DFU® Expert Certified

Shimano® Bikefitting Technology Certified


BIEA® Certified Expert Bike Technician

UBI® Certified Bike Technician

Bosch® Certified E-Bike Technician


Ironman® Certified Endurance Coach

USAT® Certified Endurance Coach

GPP™ Endurance Certified Coach


Bachelor of Science - Computer Information Systems


I've been doing Bike Fitting for 16 years. I have 7 Professional Certifications in Professional Bike Fitting, 2 Certification as a Bike Technician, and I'm an Ironman® and USA Triathlon® Certified Endurance Coach. I utilize a vast amount of fitting tools and protocols to get you #Comfortable, #Efficient, and #Performance Oriented. I utilize the "Top of the Line" Guru DFU® Fit Bike plus the FIST® Protocols, BikeFit® PSC, Guru DFU®, Retul®, and USAT® Bike fit performance metrics to ensure all 3 touch points of you and your bike are addressed and put you in the proper Bio-mechanical position for the type of bike you are riding.
I am a very experienced fitter and certified with a depth of professional knowledge, a certified and experienced bike technician, cycling athlete, triathlete, MTBiker, and Certified Endurance Coach. A lot of you know me, my experience, and knowledge for the past decade. Those that don't, trust me, I know the right processes to put you in the most comfortable, efficient, and performance oriented position.

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